Testimonials - The Decor Whore

Kate and her team are excellent at everything they do. She is extremely passionate about her work and works hard to listen to her clients and makes sure the end product is beautiful and what they are looking for. Kate is very creative and excellent at space planning and decor. The Transwhormation days are always the most exciting days. I have now worked with her for almost a year and she has done multiple spaces for me. My best TWD was how her team transformed my craft/office/guest room.

  • ~Rachana S.

Kate and her team were *INCREDIBLE* from start to finish! We fully transWHOREmed our living room, dining room and home office and the results exceeded our expectations. Kate and her team are organized, creative, fun and much less expensive than you might imagine. They were truly a dream team. We feel like we are living in a whole new house thanks to Kate and her crew. We all need an organized whore like Kate in our lives. 15/10 - highly recommend!

  • ~Kathy and Mark D.

Working with Kate and the Decor Whore team was wonderful. They listened intently to our needs, even as they shifted and we couldn't quite decide which direction to go in they were nothing but respectful and creative throughout the entire process. It was super easy to give feedback to Kate in the rendering process, she was open and easygoing throughout the entire redesign! All in all the team came up with a fabulous hybrid play room/living room that we will one day transition back into a dining room when the kids are grown - and our house feels so much more bright, refined and practical as a result. We love our new space!

  • ~Sarah D.

It's been a couple of months since Kate and her amazing team transformed two rooms in our house and I have to admit, to this day, every time I walk into them, I have a huge smile on my face. Both rooms have so much personality down to the smallest detail. Kate, Eric, and Anders are incredibly talented and just genuinely nice people. I enjoyed the entire experience and also got a huge kick out of how much they loved the space as well. I mean, I now have Marvel comic wallpaper in my bathroom, how cool is that?!?! I knew I found the right team the second she showed it to me.

  • ~Rachel N.

This was our second project with Kate. She outshined herself. I have to give her full credit for coming out of her comfort zone. She actually brought my vague sense of vision for my formal living and dining to life!! She is just phenomenal to work with. She values your input as a client and delivers on it a 100 percent. Another happy space ! Another happy project. We would love to have her do other spaces in our house soon! You are AMAZING!!

  • ~Mansi and Anish Patney

We asked Kate to help us figure out how to design our awkwardly laid out living room/den/entryway into our home and she not only did that but made it so much better than we ever could have imagined. We trusted in nearly everything she recommended and could not be happier with how it turned out. She listened to us, how we wanted to use the rooms and how we wanted it to feel and made it Gorgeous!! She was a pleasure to work with - made sure we understood all the schedules/timing too which took the pain away of managing all the details/ logistics of the process. The only problem is now I want her to do ALL the other rooms in the house!! :)

  • ~Sarah & Robyn

Kate is a magician. She took a teeny tiny space and transformed it into a super-cool bedroom for my tween son. Kate quickly came up with great ideas to TransWHOREm the space, and drew up diagrams`to help my imagination see her vision. Kate has a great eye for color and is so incredibly creative. I never could have produced the same result without her help. If you are someone who gets stuck in the dreaming portion of decorating, do not delay! Kate will help make your dreams REALITY.

  • ~Anonymous

Kate has an incredible ability to tranWHORM the bland and ordinary into tasteful extraordinary. Calling her a gifted interior designer does not come close to describing her talent. Kate was the first interior designer we had worked with and we will tell you: she’s amazing. Working with Kate is pure joy and a whole lot of FUN. She’s BRILLIANT at co-creating - This is what we enjoyed the most in the process. Kate is extremely detail oriented and has an eye for unique patterns and combinations. She was able to help us see existing pieces of furniture in a new light making them work in our new home. She made fantastic recommendations that have enhanced the enjoyment of our family room. We would hire Kate any day! We recommend Kate’s acute eye for color and organizational skills to anyone who wants to improve the image of their home or office space.

  • ~Mansi and Anish Patney

Working with Kate is pure joy from start to finish. Her energy is infectious and I always leave our meetings feeling buoyed and excited. Kate's thoughtful approach towards design and her bold use of color within the spaces she creates evoke such happiness. Kate is a great communicator making collaborative working a breeze. I will always be thrilled to be asked to be included in any of her projects. I hope there are many more!

  • ~ Madeline Shaw, Designer and Founder of "Shapes For The People"

We're so in love with our space - it feels like a completely new dining room and family room! The first step in our journey was adding wallpaper to the bookshelf at Kate's suggestion, and when it first went up, I was really nervous. But Kate is such a pro, and somehow knew how to push us out of our comfort zone just the right amount. And when TWD came, she nailed it and everything looks even better than I imagined! Can't wait to do more rooms with Kate.

  • Molly Barnett

Kate Dawson is amazing. She just finished my bedroom makeover and it is breathtaking. I could have never picked out such beautiful accessories, wallpaper, lighting… (I could go on and on.) I love everything! And now, I make my bed every day to keep the room clean and calm. It’s totally transformed my mindset. It’s true, loving your home changes your life! Thank you Decor Whore for creating this space just for me! Now… how to keep the kids out?

  • ~ Stephanie C.

Kate transWHORMED the office space for my new co-working business, The Write Space, beyond my wildest dreams. The task was to make a long, narrow space warm and inviting to the members who would be not only be writing at desks, but reading and communing with other writers in a back lounge. The space also had to serve as an event space, so everything needed to be movable. And she started from scratch. As usual, I don’t know how Kate does it, but everything works together —the comfortable, modern desk chairs and collapsible desks, the paint colors, the IKEA shelves combined with custom shelves, the insanely cool library wallpaper on the back wall and so many other details. People can’t believe it when they walk in. Everyone wants to stay and write or grab a cup of coffee. And a silver lining was that the writing area and the lounge area work perfectly for the kids who do remote school here in the morning when I had to pivot due to the pandemic. I can’t wait for more people to take advantage of the space. Somehow the desks are 6 feet apart and the curtain partitions that separate the desks for productivity also work for a more COVID-safe environment. Thanks, Kate for making The Write Space, the right space.

  • ~ Marcia, Owner of TWS

In addition to having a fabulous eye for design, Kate is a great collaborator. She truly wants her clients to love the final result & to feel like the space reflects them. She’s patient & willing to offer choices, while also being very mindful of budget & ensuring that the transfWHOREmation is complete down the very last detail. I love how thorough she is! Especially since being that thorough and meticulous involves making lots of decisions - but she somehow manages to incorporate the vision of the client into all of those decisions without pressuring!

  • ~ Pamela L.

Kate is the S in Sparkle, she worked her magic in my open area living room, dining room and kitchen. Marvelously, the room appears larger! She created comfortable seating for 12 people (when I barely had seating for 5 people) with her smart affordable furniture choices. The rooms are so much brighter now that we are using sheer curtains (rather than blackout). And I love the use of all the different finishes: black metal, gray metal, glass, and wood, with pops of color - it all just works. Kate also used items I already had in other rooms and shopped at price friendly stores, keeping the TransWHOREmation well within my budget.

  • ~ Nichole Mariette, Local Realtor

I hired Kate to jazz up our living room, and she delivered in a big way. I knew her expertise would make our space look nice. But nice isn’t good enough for Kate! Her enthusiasm, humor, and gentle persistence powered a collaborative process that resulted in a fabulous room full of color and detail. It was the room I dreamed about, and she brought it to life. And the fact that she partners with an excellent carpenter to assemble, hang, and install all the things is a major plus. I highly recommend working with Kate!

  • ~ Molly G.

OMG I have used The Decor Whore twice now and just put down a deposit to do more! I cannot believe how long I have lived with rooms half done, seriously it is so embarrassing. Kate is quick and easy (ok I won’t make a joke here) and we just did our bedroom at our shore house and my husband saw it for the first time and woke up and said "this is really amazing. Kate is really amazing". And if that isn’t a compliment. She will make you laugh while keeping your wallet intact. I have never met a decorator like Kate. She picks a day and your whole room is transformed. Sooooooooo amazing. We are now her biggest fans.

  • ~ Ellen Atkins, CEO and Founder of The Suburban Monk

I am so in love with the space that Kate created. I can’t even believe that it is the same room. Before I closed the doors of my private practice in psychology in town, it was only me using my home office, doing all my thinking and writing. I knew it had to change when I started seeing my psychotherapy clients here. As always, I am in awe of the transWHOREmation that Kate created. She designed the inviting, welcoming, cozy, and personal space that I dreamed of. My clients feel at peace just walking into this beautiful room. Thank you, Kate! I am so grateful for you!

  • ~ Peggy D.

Kate has an amazing eye for decor and details and we LOVED our finished product. It was great working with her, she gave us lots of options and was very patient with us. She understood our tastes and also incorporated pieces that we already had into the decor. The finished product was amazing!! Our living room and kitchen is completely transformed and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to transform their room or home and make it look like the pictures you see in magazines. Very impressed with her talent and professionalism!

  • ~ Tanisha

Kate converted our house to a home. A home where we are raising our boys and creating memories that will last us a lifetime. I hired Kate to decorate my office and our formal living room and family room. Throughout our work together, Kate made us feel supported as we navigated choices between rugs and couch etc. She gave us her expert opinion and presented us with choices that we would have never thought of. She was very involved in the selection of everything. Her creative process is just mindblowing. We would have never even imagined the miracle she put together on the decoration day. From accents to cushions to bookends, she paid attention to every tiny detail. We absolutely love our home. We get compliments from our guests all the time. She really gave us a place that we love spending time in and are extremely happy to come back to, every time we go for a vacation. I highly highly recommend her!

  • ~ Deepshikha

I reached out to Decor Whore because I needed help with my living, dining room and foyer design which is an open floor plan. I had a vision for what I wanted but didn't know how to execute it. It might sound strange that a personal stylist would need help decorating her home, but accessories for the house are quite different than the ones you wear. I wanted the space to feel glamorous without the high end price tag. Kate's infectious personality and her overuse of the word STUNNING made working with her so much fun. 

Kate and Anders (her handyman) are the dream team, the days they came over were magical as they worked to transform my home. Kate didn't try to dictate a style to me or get offended when I didn't like something she picked.  That made me feel comfortable and part of the creative process.  

She also pushed me out of my comfort zone which I needed. When she suggested I paint my stairs I thought she was nuts at first, but the result is a dramatic entryway to my home that gets me excited when I walk in the door.  Kate has a really great eye and the ability to imagine how the space could be, you just have to trust her.  The result are rooms that are designed to look like out of a magazine with a price tag that doesn't make you stress out when company is over.  I highly recommend Kate Dawson to WHOREIFY your space.  

  • ~ Neepa, personal stylist + founder of Accessible Style 

We've lived in our house for three years, in a living room that I've tried to decorate myself, used online decorating services and another designer and browsed pinterest for days. It wasn't even close to complete, and I didn't enjoy being in it. Enter Kate. I now have a gorgeous living room that I absolutely love, and the whole process was incredibly easy and reasonable. Kate understood the look that I wanted and made it even better. My room is filled with interesting details, things I would have never thought of and amazing pattern mixing that just brings the room to life. And it was so so easy. It's a one stop shop. Kate selects, shops, installs. She makes sure you're happy and that every little detail is perfect and in place. Her dedication and passion shows just how much she loves her work.

  • ~ Julie D.

Working with Kate was so much fun! She’s a friendly and fun person to be around, has an amazing eye for detail, and really listens to what your goals are for your space. She transformed my completely boring bedroom into my favorite room in the house. It’s sophisticated but not stuffy and cheerful without being zany. I never want to leave it!

  • ~ Marissa R.

We moved into our house 2 yrs ago and have been wanting to decorate it for a long time but we were very overwhelmed with choosing paint, carpet, furniture, etc, etc. All I wanted to find was a Joanna Gaines :) -- who could take over and give me the grand reveal in the end (the best part) - and I did... Kate the Decor Whore... she is better than Joanna Gaines!!!!! She is extremely talented and has a great eye for design, pattern, color, you name it - and she's so, so, so easy to work with... truly cares about what the client wants, their sense of style, and their budget. She worked with us endlessly to find the right carpet, paint color, and all the furniture... all while keeping the cost reasonable and making our home look like million bucks. She transformed our dark basement - which we used as dumping place for boxes - to a bright modern guest room / winter family room which has becomes everyone’s favorite place to hang out. We get the most compliments on that room from all of our friends and family, and just about anyone who sees it. So folks if you are looking to decorate your home and make it look like a million bucks for a fraction of the cost don’t wait - call the Decor Whore now!!

  • ~ RRB

Kate transformed the eyesore room of my house, into the space I love to be most! She was conscious of my budget and always gave me multiple options to choose from. Would recommend her to anyone who is looking to turn every inch of their home into a space they love!

  • ~ Chelsea A.

Working with Kate to set up my new office was amazing! As a Shamanic Practitioner with many sacred objects and a design background, I figured I'd make her a bit crazy. But she listened to what I needed my new work environment to be (a calm, welcoming place for healing), helped me pick out any furniture or other items that I needed, handled my many, many texts ;-), and styled ALL OF THE THINGS in a much more beautiful way than I would have. Clients and friends have a hard time leaving it's soooo inviting. I could not recommend her enough, and I tend to mention her to friends and clients several times a week.

  • ~ Lori D.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Kate! You can sense the joy she has for the work she does the minute you meet her and it more than translated to the absolutely stunning room she created. Our living room is the biggest room in our house and it was completely unused and occupied by sad, dark, outdated furniture. I was desperate to make it feel like home but had no idea where to start. Kate was completely up for the task and her enthusiasm was infectious! The process was fun and easy and she took the time to really understand what I wanted, which was not easy because even I didn’t know! Along the way, I was amazed by how she was able to select pieces that I absolutely love. As an added bonus, every item she selected was reasonably priced yet looks and feels incredibly high end and elegant. The room is bright and beautiful and makes me so happy! She was extremely patient and collaborative so the end result was something that I could have never imagined yet totally feels like my own. I am beyond grateful to Kate!

  • ~ Amy H.

If you’re looking for a good time, and a beautiful home, Kate is your girl! Kate listened to what we wanted to do and delivered all of it and more. Her furniture and decor suggestions were absolutely on point and she seamlessly incorporated pieces that were meaningful to us into the design. The result is a magazine-worthy living room that still feels like home (oh, and did I mention we stayed on budget)!

  • ~ Meredith D.

Kate is a magician! We went shopping at her favorite stores, HomeGoods, HomeSense and TJMaxx and curated pillows, a throw, a table, lamps and art. I never would have chosen, or even seen the items she discovered. She has a great eye for making spaces warm and inviting with texture and color. In a matter of hours she transformed my bland guest room into a gorgeous haven for our new au pair!

  • ~ Heather G.

Our living room was transformed! I mean transWHOREmed by my amazingly talented friend, Kate Dawson of Decor Whore. I never thought we would use a decorator. Just not our thing. But we hired her to help us with our unmanageable entryway which I couldn’t figure out. When she solved it in 2 seconds, I knew we had to use her for the living room. And as you can see, she killed it! I can’t imagine it any other way now. Definitely has shifted my consciousness in other areas of my life. So yes, a decorator. And yes you, Kate. Thank you. Plus, even the boys love it and fight over who can sit in the fuzzy chair.

  • ~ Marcia L.

I hired Kate to help me decorate my home office, which also doubled for a guest room. I am self-employed and would work at the kitchen table every day, because I hated my office so much. It was dark and impersonal. Kate came in and saw the potential immediately - her first suggestion was to get rid of the bed. I really appreciated her permission to be "selfish" and take over the room for myself. The whole process was very collaborative, and started with me sharing a Pinterest board with her, filled with photos of my dream office. I thought those photos were unattainable and never imagined that she would actually be able to transform my space into such a gorgeous room, within my budget! I ordered the furniture that she recommended, then she came in and decorated the room for a few hours at the end of the process, and that's where the complete transformation happened. I am floored by my gorgeous new space! Ever since having my "new" office, I'm excited to work and so productive, and the space just feels so much like me. I highly recommend Kate not only for her amazing sense of style and taste but also for her patience and humor!

  • ~ Tracey G.

I loved working with Kate! I asked her to completely changed the look of my living room, while working around some existing sentimental pieces. She listened to and honored all of my requests (including my budget limits!) and gave me an exquisite new room. It went from my least favorite space in the house to my most favorite! I can’t wait to hire her for my next project. Thank you Decor Whore!

  • ~ Laura G.

Kate’s talent to find EXACTLY the right thing is remarkable!! She turned my drab studio into a beautiful pied-a-terre. Now it isn’t just a place for me to sleep when I am in town, it is an oasis. Every time I step through the front door I smile and relax.

  • ~ Jane B.

This was my first time working with a designer for any space in my home. Kate’s passion for her work comes through in everything she does. She worked with me patiently and took into consideration all my feedback through the process. -- She created an inviting, inspiring room for me and put together a very pleasing display of art and decorative items. -- The before and after of my office blew my mind! If you’re stumped for inspiration, call Kate and let her create some magic for you.

  • ~ Chitra R.

Ever since I first laid my eyes on Kate's beautiful, cozy and inviting home, I knew her style is a mix of high and low, old and new, chic and vintage. She's easy to work with, understands my needs for the space and has found me all the perfect pieces within my budget! She knows how to balance pattern, color and fabrics to create a functional yet well curated space! I am so lucky to have had Kate guide me through this! My office is like the shining gem in our house... My inlaws are in love too!

  • ~ Swapna P.

My home office is now beyond my wildest dreams thanks to Kate’s amazing vision and design talents.  She would graciously push us out of our comfort zone (I originally said no to the idea of bright pink chairs, which are now the centerpiece of my entire home). Every time I had doubt, she asked me to trust her and boy I’m glad we did! She truly wants to showcase your personality in every corner and she respects and honors your cherished possessions. Kate treats you like you are her only and most favorite client and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have her magically transform my home office into an amazing badass haven!

  • ~ Tara G.

From our first interaction with Kate over the phone to our “reveal” of our newly decorated living room, we had an awesome experience each step of the way. We had recently moved into our new house and our living room was bare bones and we needed someone who could decorate it to our taste and still stay within our budget. Kate made great suggestions from day one that made the living room look more roomy and bright and made the living room very warm and central for our family. We will certainly recommend Kate to anyone who wants to reset and decorate their room with a personal touch!

  • ~ Radhika and Amit J.

We moved into our house a few years ago and lived with a mix of furniture that we accumulated over the years. The room definitely needed some upgrading! I tried to start the process on my own but quickly became overwhelmed. I heard of Kate through a mutual friend and the rest was history! Kate listened to our ideas and helped bring our vision to reality. She was always very attentive to our design needs – pieces that were budget friendly, stylish, and accommodating to a growing family. She has a great eye for design and I recommend her for any of your design needs!

  • ~ Vangie G.

I told Kate my vision, and she made it come to life! When we were running down the aisles of HomeGoods and TJ Maxx, never would I have imagined that everything in my cart would piece together in pure perfection! The little extra touches, her eye and expertise of how to rearrange everything and the abundance of amazing pillows has made my living room a space I can’t wait to get home to.

  • ~ Cari G.

Kate the Decor Whore transformed our sparse spare bedroom into our dream space! I had never worked with a decorator or interior designer before and did not think I could afford it. I reached out to Kate when a mutual acquaintance recommended her when I was considering turning our spare bedroom into a “Zen Den” to enhance my meditation practice. We had been using it for storage and for our cats to hang in. Now it is a beautiful tranquil environment that my husband, our cats, and I love to spend time in, reading, meditating, and drawing! Kate was a gem to work with, very communicative and collaborative. She explained the process and was responsive with my feedback. Even as the items we ordered arrived I had a hard time picturing the finished design, and that is why I am so grateful for her talent. I trusted her judgment and the room far exceeded my expectations. It was like she crawled into my head and made my happy place come to life!

  • ~ Rachel G.