Testimonials - The Decor Whore

We moved into our house 2 yrs ago and have been wanting to decorate it for a long time but we were very overwhelmed with choosing paint, carpet, furniture, etc, etc. All I wanted to find was a Joanna Gaines :) -- who could take over and give me the grand reveal in the end (the best part) - and I did... Kate the Decor Whore... she is better than Joanna Gaines!!!!! She is extremely talented and has a great eye for design, pattern, color, you name it - and she's so, so, so easy to work with... truly cares about what the client wants, their sense of style, and their budget. She worked with us endlessly to find the right carpet, paint color, and all the furniture... all while keeping the cost reasonable and making our home look like million bucks. She transformed our dark basement - which we used as dumping place for boxes - to a bright modern guest room / winter family room which has becomes everyone’s favorite place to hang out. We get the most compliments on that room from all of our friends and family, and just about anyone who sees it. So folks if you are looking to decorate your home and make it look like a million bucks for a fraction of the cost don’t wait - call the Decor Whore now!!

  • ~ RRB

Kate transformed the eyesore room of my house, into the space I love to be most! She was conscious of my budget and always gave me multiple options to choose from. Would recommend her to anyone who is looking to turn every inch of their home into a space they love!

  • ~ Chelsea A.

Working with Kate to set up my new office was amazing! As a Shamanic Practitioner with many sacred objects and a design background, I figured I'd make her a bit crazy. But she listened to what I needed my new work environment to be (a calm, welcoming place for healing), helped me pick out any furniture or other items that I needed, handled my many, many texts ;-), and styled ALL OF THE THINGS in a much more beautiful way than I would have. Clients and friends have a hard time leaving it's soooo inviting. I could not recommend her enough, and I tend to mention her to friends and clients several times a week.

  • ~ Lori D.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Kate! You can sense the joy she has for the work she does the minute you meet her and it more than translated to the absolutely stunning room she created. Our living room is the biggest room in our house and it was completely unused and occupied by sad, dark, outdated furniture. I was desperate to make it feel like home but had no idea where to start. Kate was completely up for the task and her enthusiasm was infectious! The process was fun and easy and she took the time to really understand what I wanted, which was not easy because even I didn’t know! Along the way, I was amazed by how she was able to select pieces that I absolutely love. As an added bonus, every item she selected was reasonably priced yet looks and feels incredibly high end and elegant. The room is bright and beautiful and makes me so happy! She was extremely patient and collaborative so the end result was something that I could have never imagined yet totally feels like my own. I am beyond grateful to Kate!

  • ~ Amy H.

If you’re looking for a good time, and a beautiful home, Kate is your girl! Kate listened to what we wanted to do and delivered all of it and more. Her furniture and decor suggestions were absolutely on point and she seamlessly incorporated pieces that were meaningful to us into the design. The result is a magazine-worthy living room that still feels like home (oh, and did I mention we stayed on budget)!

  • ~ Meredith D.

Kate is a magician! We went shopping at her favorite stores, Home Goods,Home Sense and TJMaxx and curated pillows, a throw, a table, lamps and art. I never would have chosen, or even seen the items she discovered. She has a great eye for making spaces warm and inviting with texture and color. In a matter of hours she transformed my bland guest room into a gorgeous haven for our new au pair!

  • ~ Heather G.

Our living room was transformed! I mean transWHOREmed by my amazingly talented friend, Kate Dawson of Decor Whore. I never thought we would use a decorator. Just not our thing. But we hired her to help us with our unmanageable entryway which I couldn’t figure out. When she solved it in 2 seconds, I knew we had to use her for the living room. And as you can see, she killed it! I can’t imagine it any other way now. Definitely has shifted my consciousness in other areas of my life. So yes, a decorator. And yes you, Kate. Thank you. Plus, even the boys love it and fight over who can sit in the fuzzy chair.

  • ~ Marcia L.

I hired Kate to help me decorate my home office, which also doubled for a guest room. I am self-employed and would work at the kitchen table every day, because I hated my office so much. It was dark and impersonal. Kate came in and saw the potential immediately - her first suggestion was to get rid of the bed. I really appreciated her permission to be "selfish" and take over the room for myself. The whole process was very collaborative, and started with me sharing a Pinterest board with her, filled with photos of my dream office. I thought those photos were unattainable and never imagined that she would actually be able to transform my space into such a gorgeous room, within my budget! I ordered the furniture that she recommended, then she came in and decorated the room for a few hours at the end of the process, and that's where the complete transformation happened. I am floored by my gorgeous new space! Ever since having my "new" office, I'm excited to work and so productive, and the space just feels so much like me. I highly recommend Kate not only for her amazing sense of style and taste but also for her patience and humor!

  • ~ Tracey G.

I loved working with Kate! I asked her to completely changed the look of my living room, while working around some existing sentimental pieces. She listened to and honored all of my requests (including my budget limits!) and gave me an exquisite new room. It went from my least favorite space in the house to my most favorite! I can’t wait to hire her for my next project. Thank you Decor Whore!

  • ~ Laura G.

Kate’s talent to find EXACTLY the right thing is remarkable!! She turned my drab studio into a beautiful pied-a-terre. Now it isn’t just a place for me to sleep when I am in town, it is an oasis. Every time I step through the front door I smile and relax.

  • ~ Jane B.