Who is the Decor Whore?

In a nutshell (preferably covered in glitter), I’m just your average middle aged actor/singer turned Interior Decorator who is on a mission to make the world a happier place by creating more beauty, love, and laughter in the world.

More about the whore below…

Can you expound on that…?

Yes I can! I love expounding! But I’ll still keep it at a quick clip… cuz you don’t REALLY need to know that I grew up in Illinois, and that I’m the youngest of 3, and that I moved to New York after college and pursued a career in theatre, where I performed on Broadway/Off-Broadway/and regionally. Nor do you need to know that I’ve done a shit ton of voice over work for dozens of movies and TV shows; or that I wrote, produced and performed a one-woman show called “The A**hole in My Head” from 2009-2011, or that I conceived and co-produced a children’s book and CD called “Over the Moon: The Broadway Lullaby Project.” Which might be available on amazon.com. You also don’t really need to know that I’m married to one of the kids in the HOME ALONE movies, (no – not Macauley Culkin), or that I have a son, and two dogs… or that I’m obsessed with STAR WARS (Episodes IV, V, & VI), legos, guacamole, unicorns, showtunes, huge earrings, glitter, cursing, chocolate and chickens. Or that I’ve been living on the east coast for 22 years now… or… OMG THERE’S JUST TOO MUCH?!!!! So I’m just gonna spare you ALL those deets… cuz while all those experiences got me to where I am today, it’s not REALLY what this biz is all about…

Interesting! So, Kate,
what’s this all about?

Well, faceless stranger on the internet perusing my page… I am an Interior Decorator. Actually, I like to call myself an Interior DecUrator (see what I did there?), cuz I’m all about finding cool shit wherever I can, bringing it together in unexpectedly chic ways, hence (I just said hence) creating a kickass space for you to love and live in. And we can do that without spending a fortune! Cuz here’s the thing… ANY designer can take you to Restoration Hardware and show you a $12,000 couch (and I can too, if that’s what you require). But where is the fun in that? Where is the individuality? Where is the creativity? Where is the thrill of the DEAL and the QUEST? Well that’s where I come in…

You use a lot of words, but I’m not quite clear…

So sorry… I specialize in combining items you already own with additional unique and fabulous items curated especially for you from places like T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, HomeSense, Wayfair.com, Tuesday Mornings, Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Antique Shops, etc, etc… And once all the items have been curated, we will schedule a reveal day – AKA the TransWHOREmation day! THIS is when the magic happens. My team and I will arrive bright and early so we have plenty of time to WHORE-ify the space. We’ll bring in boxes of treasures curated specifically for YOUR space – and then, we spend about 3-4 hours styling the shit out of it. And we ask that NO ONE come in while we’re working… cuz it’s just really hard to be creative when people are staring at you, ammiright?

Wait, I can’t come into the room?

So…from whence do you find these deals you speak of?

Well surely you don’t expect me to reveal ALL of my sources… but I can tell you this future client… I LOVE T.J. MAXX. He is the other man in my life. ~ I have other awesome resources too… but that’s privileged information that I simply cannot share at this juncture.

Okay…So in the end, why’d you start this thing?

Because I love being surrounded by beautiful things. And you know what I realized… SO DOES EVERYBODY!! Know why? Cuz our surroundings affect our well-being. I didn’t make that shit up… that’s scientifically proven! And let’s get real, these last few years have been HARD AF. We need more beauty, we need more love, we need more laughter… and we need it in our homes… cuz that’s where it starts. So this is what I hope I can do… for you, and for everyone who wants to feel relief and peace when they walk in the door at the end of the day. Because believe it or not, transforming your home will transform your life.

All right Kate, you’re dialin’ my number, I’m pickin’ up… but …whore? You call yourself a whore?

I know, I know… what can I say? I love a good play on words, I also like a good rhyme… and I like to laugh and have fun! Calling myself the Decor Whore made me laugh. (My Dad didn’t find it as funny… please keep him in your thoughts during this difficult time.) But besides that… it’s the PERFECT name for this business, because like any good WHORE… I’m available and accessible to pretty much everyone. Including YOU! So check out my site! And reach out if you wanna know more about how I work! And of course, please visit my Portfolio page, where my TransWHOREmations are on full display!!!!

Need some help from the Whore? Let’s talk!

Our surroundings affect our
well-being… transform a room, and
watch it transform your life.

—Kate Dawson

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