Gwen’s Attic Bedroom Part 2

the Mission:

OMG, this was the MOST FUN!!!! This client has the sweetest daughter in the world. And our mission was to create an attic en suite bedroom that was as charming and joyful as SHE IS!! When we started, the attic was basically a really old bathroom, a messy hallway, and a make-shift home office… but LOOK WHAT WE DID!!! I had Anders (my carpenter) open up that tiny hallway so we could make that into a little hangout room for sleepovers and daydreaming… and we created a removable bookcase (on the left) that can be slid out to reveal a little storage area! We upgraded the bathroom with some paint and wallpaper… actually we did that everywhere (including the stairway! See the ombre blue on the risers?)… and lasty we installed a custom desk with dressers so she has a study place, AND storage for clothes. Check it out!! It’s exactly like Greg Brady’s attic bedroom, except totally different!


 A charming, colorful, cozy fun bedroom and hang out space – that can also be a place for her to study and relax with friends. 

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Showin’ me the Love...

“Working with Kate was so much fun! She’s a friendly and fun person to be around, has an amazing eye for detail, and really listens to what your goals are for your space. She transformed my completely boring bedroom into my favorite room in the house. It’s sophisticated but not stuffy and cheerful without being zany. I never want to leave it!”

—Marissa R.

“Kate transformed the eyesore room of my house, into the space I love to be most! She was conscious of my budget and always gave me multiple options to choose from. Would recommend her to anyone who is looking to turn every inch of their home into a space they love!”

—Chelsea A.

“Kate and her team are excellent at everything they do. She is extremely passionate about her work and works hard to listen to her clients and makes sure the end product is beautiful and what they are looking for. Kate is very creative and excellent at space planning and decor. The Transwhormation days are always the most exciting days. I have now worked with her for almost a year and she has done multiple spaces for me. My best TWD was how her team transformed my craft/office/guest room.”

—Rachana S.

“Kate Dawson is amazing. She just finished my bedroom makeover and it is breathtaking. I could have never picked out such beautiful accessories, wallpaper, lighting… (I could go on and on.) I love everything! And now, I make my bed every day to keep the room clean and calm. It’s totally transformed my mindset. It’s true, loving your home changes your life! Thank you Decor Whore for creating this space just for me! Now… how to keep the kids out?”

—Stephanie C.

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Our surroundings affect our
well-being… transform a room, and
watch it transform your life.

—Kate Dawson

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