The Write Space - The Decor Whore


The Mission: Convert this photography studio into a cooperative space where writers – and workers of any kind – could come to work in a warm, peaceful, and quiet environment. The space needed to have the capability to function in several ways. First and foremost, there needed to be desks where people could get some privacy, but could still experience the company of others. There also needed to be a “break” spot… where people could throw up their feet and have a coffee! And lastly, all of the furniture needed to be easily moveable and collapsible so that poetry readings – and other community driven events – could be hosted. And here it is! The Write Space!

Client Requirements: As mentioned above, this space needed to have flexibility! There had to be individual work stations, but there also had to be a way to move those stations to the side so that community events could easily be hosted in the space. We found collapsible desks, stacking chairs, and hung curtains that could easily be pushed to the wall in order to achieve both. The other requirements were a seating area, and a sign-in spot where people could log hours, and leave postcards and/or flyers about upcoming local projects. But most importantly, it needed to be welcoming and comfortable. I think we achieved that!



Office Address

Located in Millburn NJ,

Opening Hours

Monday — Friday 9am – 5pm


Our surroundings affect our well-being… transform a room, and watch it transform your life