Neepa's Living & Dining Room - The Decor Whore


The Mission: TransfWHOREm this living & dining room into a glamorous space as fabulous and stylish as the client! A little backstory: this client called me and told be a very sad story about awful paint colors the previous owners had left on their walls! Honestly… yeah, they weren’t so great. Mostly just dated… but nothing a little wallpaper and paint couldn’t fix!

Client Requirements: This one was SO fun cuz it was pretty much “reset” – only thing she wanted to keep was her Dining Room table (no prob!) and the only OTHER requirement was a huge leaning mirror – and I was like, “OKAY! I LOVE A DRAMATIC MIRRORS!!! LET’S GET THAT SHIT DONE!” And voila… her WHOREified Living and Dining Room!!



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