Aidan, Kate and Niall's Playroom - The Decor Whore


The Mission: TransfWHOREm this large and awkwardly shaped basement into a playroom wonderland… appropriate for 11 year olds, 8 year olds, and 4 year olds!

Client Requirements: Keep the carpet, but then… go wild! On the must list… a craft area full of supplies and color, A TV / playstation area for movie nights and gaming! A foosball table, that is collapsible and moveable… so there’s still space for running and tumbling! Bins and shelves for storing and organizing toys! And a reading nook that’s comfy and cozy with a little bit of privacy when needed.



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Located in Millburn NJ,

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Monday — Friday 9am – 5pm


Our surroundings affect our well-being… transform a room, and watch it transform your life